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German Record Critics' Award 3/2019 for
d.o.o.r "Songs from a Darkness"

Website Award

The Dark Side of Deep Schrott Vol. 3 (poise 30)
"Drones & Spirals" - fifth album by Deep Schrott is a double cd, to be released 15. November!

Oona Kastner & Willem Schulz (poise 29)

An intimate, somnambule dialogue between voice and cello.

Songs from a darkness
(poise 27)

Dirk Raulf and Oona Kastner present their first album as a duet.
A crossover of songwriting, minimal and drone.

Apollo geht
Radioplay by Dirk Raulf

Deutschlandfunk 2018

Oona Kastner Solo Vol.1
Leonard Cohen / Neil Young / Radiohead
(poise 26)

Oona's first solo album. 70 minutes of dazzling live recordings, a. o. of classics such as "Hallelujah" or "Creep".