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NOX - Gabelfrühstück (2006)

Gabelfrühstück: 2 NOX-CDs for the price of 1.

Studio-CD: 15 new songs by the songwriter-duo
Köster/Raulf. Total duration ca. 70 minutes.
Starring Gerd Köster, vocals * Dirk Raulf,
saxophones * Hinrich Franck, keyboards * Markus
Wienstroer, guitars * Hartmut Kracht, bass * Klaus
Mages, drums & perkussion.
Guests: Thomas Heberer, trumpet * Matthias
Muche, trombone.

Bonus-CD with 15 more tracks: live-recordings NOX
UNPLUGGED, "Perlentaucher" from the film score,
cover-versions of "As I Sat Sadly By Her Side"
(Nick Cave) & "Die Nacht ist nicht allein zum
Schlafen da" and more.

32 pages booklet including song texts and a
photography series by Tim Buktu.
Cover: drawing by Karl Bohrmann.