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Deep Schrott "One" (2010)

Wollie Kaiser - bass saxophone
Andreas Kaling - bass saxophone
Jan Klare - bass saxophone
Dirk Raulf - bass saxophone

"One" comprises original compositions as well as Deep Schrott's versions of classic rock and pop tunes, among others pieces by the Beatles (Helter Skelter), Led Zeppelin (Stairway to Heaven, Black Dog), Kylie Minogue (Can't Get You out of My Head), King Crimson, Fleetwood Mac and Slipknot.



cultural value (raulf) 4:03
oh well (green - arr. & voc kaiser) 2:42
that‘s right (kaling) 2:13
helter skelter (lennon/mccartney - arr. kaiser) 2:13
the brand new (kaling) 4:18
sweet neo schrott (kaiser) 3:41
king crimson medley (arr. klare) 7:11
nice lines, man (kaiser) 3:12
thick description (raulf) 4:32
left behind (slipknot - arr. klare) 3:59
fire (kaling) 2:32
black dog (page/plant - arr. kaling) 3:45
can‘t get you out of my head (dennis/davis - arr. raulf) 3:43
when you think of me (kaling) 2:30
stairway to heaven (page/plant - arr. raulf) 4:13