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peak of normal (2009)

Reiner Linke drums, percussion, keyboard (tracks 2, 6)
Ole Muth bass, electronics, keyboard (tracks 1, 8), kalimba
Joachim Gellert melodica, trombone
Wolfgang Schubert saxophone, oboe

Lars Bügel guitar (track 4)
Dominik von Senger guitar (track 7)
Thomas Kessler keyboard (track 5)

Produced by Ole Muth & Reiner Linke
Tracks 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 mixed by Ole Muth
Tracks 1 & 4 mixed by Jono Podmore & Ole Muth

The Cologne band "peak of normal" originates from the so-called "Stollwerck scene", inspired by bands like Can, Dunkelziffer, Trance Groove or Schäl Sick Brass Band. Bass player Ole Muth and drummer Reiner Linke founded "peak of normal" to generate improvised music based on unorthodox rhythmical patterns. Loop-like grooves played live plus acoustic instruments and electronics result in a special sound experience. That is how avant gard
club music sounds today!

peak of normal @ myspace.com

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